Monthly Archives: March 2009

Syfy. Right.

As some of you will already have seen, the Sci Fi Channel is planning on rebranding to become Syfy, in what they claim will let them own their own brand for once… Not at all the fact they want to become more generic and resent their geeky roots and all associated myths about science fiction fans.

Never mind the fact that the channel has had its best year ever, and the fact it’s a relatively specialised channel with a much broader appeal than it itself seems to want to believe. Continue reading Syfy. Right.

“We can save this world.”

Well it’s upon us finally. A film that has the potential to be breathtaking (for better or worse) it’s certainly one of the most anticipated movies of 2009 and it’s only March! Watchmen is out on Friday (6th March 2009) I don’t have anything particular to comment on it yet, I’m excited but trying to resist deciding anything before seeing it. The two cinematic trailers are over the jump. Continue reading “We can save this world.”