Monthly Archives: February 2009

Mass Effect 2 Teaser

Just when I was mumbling to myself that there was no sign of Mass Effect 2 (amongst other game sequels) this year, lo and behold BioWare goes and releases a teaser trailer and site for the second part of their space opera trilogy. It is a teaser of the most teasing kind, so don’t expect to actually glean much useful from it. As always, video and links after the jump. Continue reading Mass Effect 2 Teaser

Reimagined Game Covers

Being almost equal parts design geek as gaming geek, running across this on Kotaku the other day was a little too perfectly up my street to not share on SGN.

The story behind these beautiful covers is a simple premise – game boxart design for the most part, leaves a lot to be desired. So Olly Moss decided to reimagine what some classic game covers would look like borrowing from the richer heritage of book cover design. When Kotaku reported on his designs, more folks decided to join in on the reimagining, take a peek at some of my favourites. Continue reading Reimagined Game Covers