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Strike Suit Zero

Does anyone remember the good old days when space flight sims were decent and plentiful? TIE Fighter was one of the first games I ever owned on floppy disk and allowed me to fall in love with this genre of gaming (as well as invert my mouse in FPS games). From there I’ve played many of the classics from Frontier Elite II to Tachyon: The Fringe. It seems to me the past few years have seen a complete lack of any decent efforts with the exception of the X series of games made by Egosoft. Are space sims just not cool anymore? Well it seems others out there feel the same way and want to stage a return to those good old days with a little PC-exclusive title called Strike Suit Zero. Continue reading Strike Suit Zero

The Old Republic

Something I’ve been watching with some interest across the course of the last year or so has been the developments of SWTOR, or Star Wars: The Old Republic. Which is the upcoming MMORPG from Bioware, set several thousand years before the events of the original Star Wars films, and several hundred years after the Knights of the Old Republic game – one of the finest Star Wars games.

All eight classes have now been announced for the game, take a peek. Continue reading The Old Republic