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Renegade X – A C&C Fan-Made Shooter


Command & Conquer: Renegade is an often forgotten part of the C&C series. Whilst we all remember the first Tiberium Wars and Red Alert and their subsequent sequels, Renegade seldom gets mentioned. I must admit I never played it that much even though I quite enjoyed it, but at the time I never had the cash to buy the game. Soon though, you will be able to play it again but in a modern graphics engine in the form of Renegade X.

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Kickstarter Project – The Mandate

The Mandate caught my eye a few days ago and media interest has significantly grown around it these last few days, with people like TotalBiscuit and Angry Joe endorsing it. Taking a look myself I too find myself very intrigued at the possibilities of this game. The Mandate is a sandbox RPG in space where you captain a Mandate starship with a full crew that you must recruit, nurture and command properly in performing your duty as Captain of this starship.

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X Rebirth Review – I’m Done With Pre-orders


When X Rebirth was announced a couple of years ago, I was very excited. I love the X games. They were sometimes a buggy, overly complicated mess but by the time you get to X3: Terran Conflict or Albion Prelude, what you get is quite a polished, complex and involving space simulator where you can build up an entire empire of stations and fleets of ships to defend or expand with. Its even better with some of the awesome mods that the community has created for it. So I was understandably very happy about a new X game rebuilt from the ground up. I pre-ordered it without much thought at the expensive price of £40. Oh my, what a mistake that was.

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Paul McGann reprises role as Eighth Doctor for 50th Who Celebrations

So Doctor Who fans got a very nice surprise treat this morning when almost without warning this little gem became available on the BBC iPlayer, representing the buildup to the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. None other than Eighth Doctor Paul McGann reprises his role in this 7 minute prequel showing the fate of the Eighth Doctor.

It certainly confirms what many of us suspected about where John Hurts Doctor fits into the big picture. With this little surprise I wonder what else may be in store for us in the run up to the 50th anniversary episode!

A Look at GeForce ShadowPlay


How often have you had a moment of pure awesome during a game that you wish you could’ve recorded for posterity? It’s not practical to simply constantly record what you’re doing like Fraps because of the big performance drop which can have an adverse effect on gameplay and the massive amount of data that Fraps has to write. You’d soon be out of disk space if you just kept recording everything you did! Enter ShadowPlay. Though it can record manually like Fraps, the key feature of ShadowPlay is hinted at in the title. Released as part of the GeForce Experience software, it’s currently in beta and has some work ahead of it, but so far I’m very impressed with its capabilities.

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