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The Day of the Doctor

50th_0000Yes, it had that intro. Lovely it was too.

Bit late (last week of NaNoWriMo consumed me) but my thoughts on the 50th special of Doctor Who are below.

Overall I thought it was actually excellent, I had (deliberately) set my expectations very low, as there was huge pressure from all sides to deliver something stunning which meets fans expectations, the BBC’s own expectations – and to a larger extent all the other people who casually drop in and out wondering what the fuss is all about.

Spoilers. To obviously and inevitably quote River.

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Paul McGann reprises role as Eighth Doctor for 50th Who Celebrations

So Doctor Who fans got a very nice surprise treat this morning when almost without warning this little gem became available on the BBC iPlayer, representing the buildup to the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. None other than Eighth Doctor Paul McGann reprises his role in this 7 minute prequel showing the fate of the Eighth Doctor.

It certainly confirms what many of us suspected about where John Hurts Doctor fits into the big picture. With this little surprise I wonder what else may be in store for us in the run up to the 50th anniversary episode!

Blood and Chrome Trailer

It looked like this was never happening, and while I remain mixed on whether BSG really needs prequels – it’s nice to see it will finally get its debut. The two hour film about the first Cylon War will be aired online on Machinima Prime in 10-12 minute chunks starting on the 9th of November 2012, at some future distant point it will be aired as intended as a complete film.

And I admit it does look pretty sparkly.

Syfy, striving to Imagine Greater

You may recall I had a rather extensive rant when I first learned of the SCI FI Channel’s plans to become Syfy (I may start pronouncing this Siffy, though I am assured this nonsense word is phonetically the same as sci-fi).

Well It would be remiss of me not to take another look closer to the launch date, they’ve unveiled the House of Imagination, a promo to demonstrate the new look and feel of the new and better Syfy. Overall impressions? Exactly as feared so far I’m afraid. Continue reading Syfy, striving to Imagine Greater

“We’re back, baby!”

Not just SGN, (though we will be returning to slightly more frequent posting) but Futurama will finally be returning to the small screen following the success of DVD sales for the show and it’s four recent movies.

26 new episodes will air next year on Comedy Central in the US, 7 years after it was cancelled by asinine morons at Box Fox. Now I wonder if we can get anyone ground into a fine pink powder…

BBC News on Futurama’s return
Futurama on Comedy Central

Syfy. Right.

As some of you will already have seen, the Sci Fi Channel is planning on rebranding to become Syfy, in what they claim will let them own their own brand for once… Not at all the fact they want to become more generic and resent their geeky roots and all associated myths about science fiction fans.

Never mind the fact that the channel has had its best year ever, and the fact it’s a relatively specialised channel with a much broader appeal than it itself seems to want to believe. Continue reading Syfy. Right.