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The Day of the Doctor

50th_0000Yes, it had that intro. Lovely it was too.

Bit late (last week of NaNoWriMo consumed me) but my thoughts on the 50th special of Doctor Who are below.

Overall I thought it was actually excellent, I had (deliberately) set my expectations very low, as there was huge pressure from all sides to deliver something stunning which meets fans expectations, the BBC’s own expectations – and to a larger extent all the other people who casually drop in and out wondering what the fuss is all about.

Spoilers. To obviously and inevitably quote River.

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X Rebirth Review – I’m Done With Pre-orders


When X Rebirth was announced a couple of years ago, I was very excited. I love the X games. They were sometimes a buggy, overly complicated mess but by the time you get to X3: Terran Conflict or Albion Prelude, what you get is quite a polished, complex and involving space simulator where you can build up an entire empire of stations and fleets of ships to defend or expand with. Its even better with some of the awesome mods that the community has created for it. So I was understandably very happy about a new X game rebuilt from the ground up. I pre-ordered it without much thought at the expensive price of £40. Oh my, what a mistake that was.

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Strike Suit Zero – Review


WARNING!! This review contains plot spoilers!!

You may remember that I covered some news about this game about three months ago. Back then it certainly looked promising, with the devs making bold statements that this would be “space combat reborn”, taking inspiration from classic flight sims like the X-Wing series, Wing Commander, Freelancer and so on. Strike Suit Zero (SSZ) was finally released on January 23rd and I immediately picked it up on Steam. It’s been a long time since I last saw a decent space flight sim and I was eager to jump straight into it. So does the game hold up to the promise of being space combat reborn? In a word… no.

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Diaspora: Shattered Armistice Review

Warning! This review contains some spoilers of the plot and is based on v1.0.3 of the game!

For this, my third review, I have once again gone for a fan-made modification to have a look at and this time we delve into the dark and grim world of Battlestar Galactica (BSG). The reimagined one of course, unless you somehow find the original 1978 Battlestar ‘dark and grim’ with Dirk Benedict leading the charge. Diaspora: Shattered Armistice is a mostly single player experience that uses the open source Freespace 2 engine and it follows the plotline of the reimagined BSG of the Cylons launching an all-out surprise assault against the Colonials and effectively disabling most of their fleet by infecting their computer systems with a virus. You are a pilot on-board the Battlestar Theseus and you are tasked with defending her and the fleeing civilian ships you encounter at all cost. Continue reading Diaspora: Shattered Armistice Review

Black Mesa Review

Welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System. The time is 8:47am…

Many of us never thought this day would happen. In fact it’s probably a good bet most people were placing bets on which would get released first, Black Mesa or Half-Life 2: Episode 3/Half-life 3. But now we have our answer. Black Mesa is a complete fan remake of the original Half-Life from the ground up and I’m going to take the time to review it and explain just how good it is. It’s not an entirely complete release, the rest will come later. But it’s worth playing all the same. First though, allow me to give a little history lesson on how this wonderful fan made modification came to be. Continue reading Black Mesa Review

DayZ Review

It’s rare these days for games to really hold my attention fully. I buy a new game, play it for a few hours, I get quickly bored and move on. With the exception of EVE-Online, for me anyway, no game has really ever held my attention for more than a few weeks before I move on. Arma 2 was a different beast. Billed as an extremely realistic military simulator, it’s popular with those who really enjoy playing on a purely tactical level, requiring you to always consider your surroundings, how to get somewhere, plan of attack and so forth. Death strikes often as a single shot or explosion that you never saw coming. Sporting a map 225km² in size and a huge array of weapons and vehicles all modeled realistically on their real-life counterparts, this is definitely a game for military buffs. Continue reading DayZ Review

Left 4 Dead 2 Review

Zombies appear to be a staple in gaming. From way back in the days of DOOM; the zombie has plagued first person shooters as rampantly as the disease/demonic infestation that creates them. A year ago, Valve released Left 4 Dead, their survival horror game which pitted a group of four survivors against hordes of ‘infected’. A year later, and to much criticism from the normally loyal Valve fanbase, they released Left 4 Dead 2. Continue reading Left 4 Dead 2 Review

Syfy, striving to Imagine Greater

You may recall I had a rather extensive rant when I first learned of the SCI FI Channel’s plans to become Syfy (I may start pronouncing this Siffy, though I am assured this nonsense word is phonetically the same as sci-fi).

Well It would be remiss of me not to take another look closer to the launch date, they’ve unveiled the House of Imagination, a promo to demonstrate the new look and feel of the new and better Syfy. Overall impressions? Exactly as feared so far I’m afraid. Continue reading Syfy, striving to Imagine Greater