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Nautilus 2009?

In keeping with one of our earlier post, we like it when current concepts meet what would once look like concept art within science fiction. I think it’s incredible things like this are being designed, although these yachts probably cost more money than I’ll ever see in my lifetime, but I love the sweeping organic design of these two yachts by Schöpfer Yachts. Jump ahead to see more renders of these beauties. Continue reading Nautilus 2009?

“We’re back, baby!”

Not just SGN, (though we will be returning to slightly more frequent posting) but Futurama will finally be returning to the small screen following the success of DVD sales for the show and it’s four recent movies.

26 new episodes will air next year on Comedy Central in the US, 7 years after it was cancelled by asinine morons at Box Fox. Now I wonder if we can get anyone ground into a fine pink powder…

BBC News on Futurama’s return
Futurama on Comedy Central