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Command & Conquer: Renegade is an often forgotten part of the C&C series. Whilst we all remember the first Tiberium Wars and Red Alert and their subsequent sequels, Renegade seldom gets mentioned. I must admit I never played it that much even though I quite enjoyed it, but at the time I never had the cash to buy the game. Soon though, you will be able to play it again but in a modern graphics engine in the form of Renegade X.

In case you forgot what Renegade was, think of it as a sort of Battlefield style game set in the C&C universe. Each team started with a base and you were able to purchase equipment and vehicles from these various structures in an attempt to destroy the enemy base, so you were essentially playing the first C&C from a first person perspective. Now developer Totem Arts seek to give us a modern version of Renegade using the Unreal 3 engine and apparently have been given EA approval, much to my surprise, so no risk of a cease and desist letter! Totem Arts describes it as follows:

“Players will be able to fight for two unique teams – the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), a UN international military force committed to world order and peacekeeping, and the Brotherhood of Nod, a messianic international terrorist network that aims to push humanity into the next stage of human evolution.

Players will be able to manage their own economies, choose from over 30 weapons, 15 vehicles, and call in nuclear strikes, Ion Cannons, and airstrikes, and much more.

Each team will have a base of operations that composes of several key structures. Each structure has its own purpose. For example, the GDI Barracks gives GDI players access to special weapons and characters. If the Barracks is destroyed by Nod forces, GDI will lose the ability to purchase these special weapons.”

The game will be completely free and will also come with an offline skirmish mode with bots but if you’re still not convinced, well they already released a small single player campaign called Black Dawn which you can download here so you can get a feel for how the game will play.

Renegade X will be released on 26th February 2014. You can visit their website here.

By Jason “Angel” Millward.

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