Monthly Archives: December 2009

The Old Republic

Something I’ve been watching with some interest across the course of the last year or so has been the developments of SWTOR, or Star Wars: The Old Republic. Which is the upcoming MMORPG from Bioware, set several thousand years before the events of the original Star Wars films, and several hundred years after the Knights of the Old Republic game – one of the finest Star Wars games.

All eight classes have now been announced for the game, take a peek. Continue reading The Old Republic

Left 4 Dead 2 Review

Zombies appear to be a staple in gaming. From way back in the days of DOOM; the zombie has plagued first person shooters as rampantly as the disease/demonic infestation that creates them. A year ago, Valve released Left 4 Dead, their survival horror game which pitted a group of four survivors against hordes of ‘infected’. A year later, and to much criticism from the normally loyal Valve fanbase, they released Left 4 Dead 2. Continue reading Left 4 Dead 2 Review