Monthly Archives: January 2009

Tomb Raider Underworld

The latest game in the long running archaeology (well in theory… it’s not quite Time Team) series. Though lets face it, it’s better known for the heroine, her assets and somewhat spray painted on outfits. Personally I loved it, although it felt rather short. Don’t go expecting it to change the genre, everything you would expect is still in there. For better or worse depending on whether you’re a fan of the series. Continue reading Tomb Raider Underworld


It’s been a rubbish last few months for the Trek geeks left whimpering around in the remnants of a once loved franchise. First Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel in the original show, Troi’s harpy-esque mother in The Next Generation and the computer voice in most of it’s on going sequels including the new upcoming Trek film, and of course Gene Roddenberry’s widow) passed away back in December.

And now Ricardo Montalban – more famous for his role in Fantasy Island – but immortalised as one of the most famous villains in Trek history, along with being in one of the only good Trek movies to date. At 88 he certainly had a good run, but it’s still rather rubbish as all deaths are. Continue reading “KHAAAAAAAAANNNNN”