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Is a lovely word. And I love the idea of exploring robotics and AI and sentience. And there’s a lovely solid physical quality to the machines in this film (which came out of nowhere for me certainly!) so it’s fair to say I’m looking forward to this immensely.

Blood and Chrome Trailer

It looked like this was never happening, and while I remain mixed on whether BSG really needs prequels – it’s nice to see it will finally get its debut. The two hour film about the first Cylon War will be aired online on Machinima Prime in 10-12 minute chunks starting on the 9th of November 2012, at some future distant point it will be aired as intended as a complete film.

And I admit it does look pretty sparkly.

Syfy, striving to Imagine Greater

You may recall I had a rather extensive rant when I first learned of the SCI FI Channel’s plans to become Syfy (I may start pronouncing this Siffy, though I am assured this nonsense word is phonetically the same as sci-fi).

Well It would be remiss of me not to take another look closer to the launch date, they’ve unveiled the House of Imagination, a promo to demonstrate the new look and feel of the new and better Syfy. Overall impressions? Exactly as feared so far I’m afraid. Continue reading Syfy, striving to Imagine Greater

Battle for Terra

“I believe in our darkest hour the very qualities
which made us great will make us strong.”

Lovely looking independent CGI movie, in which humanity are the aggressors due to losing Earth and having no choices left, and sweet fluffy alien pacifists are about to get stomped by us. Apparently sharing the planet never occurred to us. Not sure whether it’ll be as dark as it potentially could be but the trailer looks stunning. Continue reading Battle for Terra

“We can save this world.”

Well it’s upon us finally. A film that has the potential to be breathtaking (for better or worse) it’s certainly one of the most anticipated movies of 2009 and it’s only March! Watchmen is out on Friday (6th March 2009) I don’t have anything particular to comment on it yet, I’m excited but trying to resist deciding anything before seeing it. The two cinematic trailers are over the jump. Continue reading “We can save this world.”

Mass Effect 2 Teaser

Just when I was mumbling to myself that there was no sign of Mass Effect 2 (amongst other game sequels) this year, lo and behold BioWare goes and releases a teaser trailer and site for the second part of their space opera trilogy. It is a teaser of the most teasing kind, so don’t expect to actually glean much useful from it. As always, video and links after the jump. Continue reading Mass Effect 2 Teaser