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Syfy, striving to Imagine Greater

You may recall I had a rather extensive rant when I first learned of the SCI FI Channel’s plans to become Syfy (I may start pronouncing this Siffy, though I am assured this nonsense word is phonetically the same as sci-fi).

Well It would be remiss of me not to take another look closer to the launch date, they’ve unveiled the House of Imagination, a promo to demonstrate the new look and feel of the new and better Syfy. Overall impressions? Exactly as feared so far I’m afraid. Continue reading Syfy, striving to Imagine Greater

Nautilus 2009?

In keeping with one of our earlier post, we like it when current concepts meet what would once look like concept art within science fiction. I think it’s incredible things like this are being designed, although these yachts probably cost more money than I’ll ever see in my lifetime, but I love the sweeping organic design of these two yachts by Schöpfer Yachts. Jump ahead to see more renders of these beauties. Continue reading Nautilus 2009?

Syfy. Right.

As some of you will already have seen, the Sci Fi Channel is planning on rebranding to become Syfy, in what they claim will let them own their own brand for once… Not at all the fact they want to become more generic and resent their geeky roots and all associated myths about science fiction fans.

Never mind the fact that the channel has had its best year ever, and the fact it’s a relatively specialised channel with a much broader appeal than it itself seems to want to believe. Continue reading Syfy. Right.

Reimagined Game Covers

Being almost equal parts design geek as gaming geek, running across this on Kotaku the other day was a little too perfectly up my street to not share on SGN.

The story behind these beautiful covers is a simple premise – game boxart design for the most part, leaves a lot to be desired. So Olly Moss decided to reimagine what some classic game covers would look like borrowing from the richer heritage of book cover design. When Kotaku reported on his designs, more folks decided to join in on the reimagining, take a peek at some of my favourites. Continue reading Reimagined Game Covers