Mass Effect 2 Teaser

Just when I was mumbling to myself that there was no sign of Mass Effect 2 (amongst other game sequels) this year, lo and behold BioWare goes and releases a teaser trailer and site for the second part of their space opera trilogy. It is a teaser of the most teasing kind, so don’t expect to actually glean much useful from it. As always, video and links after the jump.

For those of you who haven’t been diligently following the games Mass Effect is the baby of BioWare, famed for Jade Empire, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights and of course Knights of the Old Republic. The latter shares a fair bit with Mass Effect, both being science fiction in nature, and giving you control of a main character and a number of companions as you explore the galaxy.

Ho hum, I think I’ll have to reinstall Mass Effect soon and replay it, the launch trailer for the first game still gives me goosebumps. Said trailer is below:

Mass Effect 2 Teaser Site

3 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 Teaser

  1. Hm well my biggest gripes were with the identikit non story missions, don’t know how hard it would have been to add a couple more maps, just one or two more would have bumped up the variety for me. But the rest of the game for me? Perfecto :D But I’d been wanting something like this for years.

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