Doctor Who at 50


We’d be remiss to not mention it on the day itself! (Yes if you thought you had found one site which wasn’t banging on about it, sorry to disappoint.)

We’ve already mentioned the excellent Paul McGann mini-episode there’s a plethora of other wonderful goodies to look at over the jump:

Google’s Doctor Who Doodle game is adorable – (I regenerated a lot due to the Sleeping Angels)

An Adventure in Time and Space – the thoroughly excellent dramatisation of the creation of the show in the 60s – I’d consider myself a fairly casual fan so all of it is probably common knowledge to the keener viewer – but I was surprised to learn just how narrowly it was created and by a team that had odds stacked against them dealing with a very white male dominated industry. It had me blubbing at points even though you know the inevitable outcome, it’s a very emotional piece with fantastic casting. You can still catch this in the UK on iPlayer until the 28th November here.

The Science of Doctor Who  – a documentary by Prof Brian Cox covering some of the physics of things that can (and can’t) work in Doctor Who. If you’re fairly invested in physics you’re not likely to learn much new – but it’s a fun way of showing some nice concepts regarding time/space/gravity and worth it entirely to see Charles Dance (currently Tywin Lannister to most nerds) in a lab coat making pretty coloured fire. The above link is to iPlayer for the UK and should work until the 30th November.

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide – if you’re feeling very very keen, this is a two hour programme looking at Doctor Who through the ages.

And there’s another mini episode – not quite so widely promoted which was released two days ago called The Last Day – showing some very unpleasant goings on on Gallifrey.

Doctor Who – Save the Day – A little promo site filled with a few special clips from the upcoming 50th special which have been unlocked by folks hashtagging away on the Twitters.

BBC Explore the TARDIS – A nice little parallax site letting you have a zoom through the current era TARDIS with photos and features of the show through the ages. (And yes you can switch off the sounds if you object to the TARDIS wheezing at you for such a long time.)

Doctor Who’s BBC Worldwide site – the commercial side of the Beeb, has a rather lovely and comprehensive site, featuring all the Doctors, and a whole host of enemies and companions over the decades here.

In other news:

I’ll be writing proper articles as soon as November is over – I’m still currently buried in NaNoWriMo myself!

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