Battle for Terra

“I believe in our darkest hour the very qualities
which made us great will make us strong.”

Lovely looking independent CGI movie, in which humanity are the aggressors due to losing Earth and having no choices left, and sweet fluffy alien pacifists are about to get stomped by us. Apparently sharing the planet never occurred to us. Not sure whether it’ll be as dark as it potentially could be but the trailer looks stunning.

Can’t argue with a sky whale really.

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7 thoughts on “Battle for Terra

  1. Sharing the planet wouldnt work. Look at places like early Palestine during WW2, Jordan, Lebanon, and I’m sure there are other examples elsewhere in the world. Minority populations show up and it never turns out well. :P

  2. Yeah I’ll watch this. I’m not quite sure if they’ll be able to pull off a good plotline, but I can always do with more space battles,

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