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‘Up’ there with the best!

Pixar’s latest project is the spectacular story, Up. This film opens with a beautiful montage of a relationship building from childhood to old age.

Such issues as miscarriage are even brought into this section in such a way that allows the older members of the audience to fully appreciate what’s gone on; and even feel a pang of ache that the characters feel, while also not being too in your face for children. And that they could understand that they wanted a child but couldn’t. Such a touching opening that shows the journey of two peoples lives until one of those people sadly passes.

This is where another journey begins; old age alone and all that is ensues when you are a stubborn individual who sees things around you change but won’t allow that change to happen to you; believing that staying as you are will make everything feel like it used to, but we know it never does.

As I stated earlier we get introduced to the two characters Ellie and Carl whose love for a specific adventurer brings them together from childhood. This relationship blossoms into a marriage with its complications but mostly admiration and love for each other. Carl is unfortunately left on his own after the death of his wife at what must have been a decent age for anybody. Carl however has lost his very soul mate and is left an empty husk strolling around his beautiful home full of memories but still strolling alone; but there is one more journey Carl has to make before he leaves this world, a journey he promised his late wife they would both make one day.

It is after a certain event that gets Carl arrested and sentenced as a nuisance that he is enlisted to join an old persons home, something he laughed at prior. However, when the gentleman whom came to pick him up arrive he surprises them both by lifting the house from the ground with thousands and thousands of bright balloons and floats away sticking his tongue out and sticking it to the man in turn. Here the real adventure begins as Carl will finally attempt to fulfil that promise he made Ellie.

Along the way Carl befriends several adorable characters, Russell a “Wilderness Scout” who was only trying to get his “Helping the Elderly” badge before getting stuck into the action and going above and beyond his duties, quite literally! There’s also the colourful, in many ways, exotic bird called Kevin; named by Russell even after finding out the bird was a female. And then there’s the talking dog Doug, yes you read that right talking dog but it is through the power of technology that this dog talks and I’ll let that pass as at least they try to give reason to this unimaginable situation and character.

Carl also meets his long time hero Charles Muntz, however this long awaited meeting doesn’t go as Carl had ever imagined and we are introduced to a man obsessed who would go to any limits to accomplish his dream much like Carl but he has his moral compass turned on unlike that of the oddball Muntz.

Without giving away too much of this journey I would like to stop here and just state that the film is a joy from beginning to end. Pixar very rarely disappoint me (In fact I’ve only ever hated the lack lustre Cars film made specifically as a franchise for ten year old boys it seems) and this is by far a perfect example of why they are considered one of the best companies for family entertainment. This is indeed one of the finest pictures, if not their best. I adored the endearing beauty, the heart wrenching sadness and most of all the finely tuned and perfectly timed humour throughout. A real gem! Go watch!

5/5 Stars

Up is released in the UK on the 9th of October, and released on DVD & Bluray in the US in November.

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Reviewed by Rhys Bap Williams.
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7 thoughts on “Up Review

  1. 5 out of 5 are you out of your mind!?!?!?!

    OK the animation is very very very good, but it is clearly made for toddlers from the stylising to the plot and script. This film carrys nothing for adults in my opinion and is only worth a watch if u really love cgi clouds or if u have a 2-5 year old.

    My verdict
    3 out of 5, looks lovely, good for what it is, but not for anyone over 5

  2. People are entitled to their viewpoint, every review is only the opinion of one person after all. The point of seeing a film is to make your own mind up.

    I think it sounds great, I’m also hesitant to give it such a high rating, but he’s not a total idiot and it sounded from the review that it has something more. I guess I’ll see which of you is right when I see it :)

  3. i didnt call him an idiot!

    it has the vibe of those silly little short animations that attach with every big production. To be entirely fair tho, i absolutely hate pixar things, apart from Toy Story and wall-e i think none of them have anything for anyone except kids.

    Honestly has anyone tried to watch the incredibles?!?!?!? laughable, terrible annimation, half arsed film. I kinda feel every film between toy story and walle has just been a half arsed attempt to captolise on something they put a shed load of effort into, with something that they didnt put quite so much effort into.

    The cgi is very detailed but its the films only saving grace. If u like lots of pixars kids films then u prob will love it. I however am far too cynical for this childish tripe

  4. Yeah. I thought the Incredibles was swell as well. It had a good villain too. Regarding UP, well, the first commenter is dead wrong. There was plenty of things for adults to take away. I would even venture to say it was more of a film for adults than children. There were so many lessons and commentary on both life and death, and they did it in such a way that you could feel empathy for the main character. Mark: nice art btw. I like the “PURE AWESOME” robot illustration.

  5. I enjoyed the movie. My friend’s little sister, who is 8, enjoyed the movie. My Mom, who is 51 and HATES animated films with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, thought it was hilarious. I agree with Rhys and not with Tricky6s. :P

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