The future is now-ish.

I’ve been collecting various of these links and bits and pieces for some time, and as SGN is rather geeky as am I, I thought I’d bring them together to share. The only real parity between these different buildings is that they all look and feel like concept art for science fiction, and after some decades of lack lustre architecture (to my eye – bearing in mind I love Victorian architecture) it’s wonderful to see some of these structures being created, to actually have some great diversity.

The above is the beautiful design for the Alexandria Underwater Archaeological Museum by Jacques Rougerie.

This beautiful structure isn’t something from Star Wars although it wouldn’t be amiss at all, it’s set to be the world’s tallest Hindu temple – The Temple of Vedic Planetarium. It’s a beautiful way to take classic designs and bring them into the modern day. For more information see the links at the bottom.

Green, crazy and wonderful :D This one isn’t so much a building as an installation but I felt it was so wacky and delicious it should be thrown in too. It fills a courtyard of a building for over six stories like some crazy organic monstrosity. I say monstrosity, but I think it’s quite beautiful. Again for more thorough information and more pictures check out the relevant link below.

I love this design, though it’s not quite scifi in it’s nature, but I love the combination of rich lush gardens with clean design, it’s a theme that’s cropping up more and more around the world.

A beautiful and fanciful glass pyramid concept, unique for Paris, as it takes advantage of the removal of a ban on high-rise buildings in the city.

Jacques Rougerie
Tallest Hindu Temple
Green Void Lava
Daniel Libeskind’s Green Tower
Paris Triangle

7 thoughts on “The future is now-ish.

  1. While the Paris and the Hindu thing rate last in awesomeness out of those, I’m pretty impressed with all of those. Alexandria Underwater Archaeological Museum is just ridiculous and looks like something five centuries from now… and now I really want to live in that garden building. More more!

  2. Hehe I love the museum, it’s completely mental but how awesome that things like that are being designed seriously now. :D Might make this a regular sort of feature including the some of the best and weirdest architecture in development :)

  3. I love concept work like this. Definatly liking the Alexandria one, and i’m thinking it would make a great basis for a water themed night club (Somewhere nice and hot of course :p )

    Also always facinated by the designs that intergrate gardens. Reminds me of some concepts for floating cities which until now have only been the privy of manga films. It’s great to know now that we are at the stage where some of these designs are actualy viable concepts.

  4. Wow! Are these real? They look so cool and futuristic! I’ve always wanted to be in a science fiction film, maybe real life has finally caught up.

  5. I love the Hindu Temple and the forest building hehe :D

    By the way, me thinks you should go through that first paragraph for some obvious mistakes… TUT TUT! :P

  6. It’s a bit rambling and nonsense but that’s how I talk Rhys ;)

    @Mark – They are awesome aren’t they, most are concepts, though most have or are pending approval so fingers crossed. :)

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