Making Iron Man

Slightly behind the times, given we’re just slipping into 2009 and the DVD was released back in October, but this gorgeous set of photography on Jeff Bridges’ site looks behind the scenes of Iron Man, with some great shots of the cast and costumes.

Though I picked some of the geekier shots of the costumes in their monochrome glory, take a peek at the full site for the full set, complete with notes and thoughts of the process behind the scenes.

Jeff Bridges’ Making Iron Man

5 thoughts on “Making Iron Man

  1. Some beautiful shots there. Nice to see the background and workings of such a beautiful film :) And Jeff Bridges site is pure genius :D

  2. Glad you guys liked them, is a gorgeous if mad site isn’t it Rhys :) Was hmm probably my favourite film of 2008 – only film to really deliver the same wow as the trailer. Though I did love WALL•E too :D

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